Almost as useful as attaching a set of eyes to every package you send. (And a lot less creepy.)

When you manage projects around the world, there are a lot of opportunities to drop the ball. Resources need to be allocated, deliveries need to get made, employee hours need counting. And, unfortunately, you don’t have the time or resources to set up every one of your workers with a device that comes with a customized enterprise tracking solution.


But what if you didn’t have to? With Dharma, you can build forms for tracking packages, checking off process steps, and monitoring implementation – forms that you can build in one language and deploy in another. You can manage logistics in real time and follow a delivery’s progress down to the individual who’s handling it. And you can gather all the information you need with an app that’s so simple, anyone can use it. So every ball, no matter how large or complicated, stays up in the air.


Whether you’re sending boxes of school supplies or crates of computers, it’s vital to ensure that the resources you’ve devoted to making sure your projects succeed reach their intended destination. And while you can’t personally accompany every package, Dharma makes it easier than ever to track what you send – no matter where it’s going.

With Dharma, you can create a form for every delivery you process and give access to anyone who needs it. Check off its arrival at every stop, so if something happens to it, you know where to look. Sending to multiple countries or sites without network access? Doesn’t matter. As long as users have Dharma, their data will be uploaded as soon as they’re connected. So you can stay connected with everything you send.

  • Individual tracking forms let you monitor specific items.
  • Staff management enables you to identify exactly who is handling your packages at any given time.
  • Offline access means that no matter where your resources are going, you’ll know when they’ve arrived.

Performance indicators are hard to monitor when your work spans multiple continents. But with Dharma, it’s easy to track the metrics that are key to your success. Build forms that cover every step of the processes you implement. Offer client satisfaction surveys that anyone can fill out with the touch of a button. You can even create templates for employee reports, whether you need detailed notes or a simple yes/no answer. All of the results will be available in a simple dashboard that you can share with anyone.

  • Multiple question types let you customize the information you collect.
  • Flexible form structures mean your employees can enter all the information they need in one place, without having to fill out one of seventeen different forms.
  • Offline collection and automatic uploading means that you can follow key metrics for all of your projects, whether they’re based in Malawi or Milwaukee.
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