You shouldn’t have to deal with five different spreadsheets, ten email chains, and three reports in two languages in order to know what’s happening with your work. And with Dharma, you don’t have to. Our platform offers a one-stop shop for you to manage projects and staff, identify and collect information, and analyze and share what you learn – all in real time.

The best program management tools for your work.

  • One place for all your programs, from design to delivery. Dharma’s web portal gives you a central hub for all of your work.
  • An easy reference for all your work. Set up site locations, timelines, goals, and staff.
  • Comprehensive staff management and progress tracking. So you can monitor your teams and help them succeed.

A platform that makes it easy to use the information you need, no matter how complex the project.

  • Simple and advanced form options. Track individuals over time, assess changes in a population, and gather data at multiple levels. 
  • A simple user interface that makes long forms a snap. Keep track of question flows and create categories that streamline the building and collection experience.
  • Organization by site location and team. With Dharma, you can isolate results by site and set up subgroups for easy staff management.

The easiest collection experience you’ve ever met.

  • Collect anywhere, on any device. Gather the information you need on a laptop, a tablet, a phone – whatever works for you. Dharma’s available for Android, iOS, and for computer-based collection.
  • Offline access. Once you get back into network range, any forms you’ve completed automatically upload to your web portal.

Robust and real-time results you can share.

  • Visualizations for data as it comes in. Dharma’s results portal lets you visualize, filter, and compare information in table or visual format – no work required. 
  • Easy access for anyone who needs it. With our Guests feature, you can send anyone a link that lets them view exactly the results you select.
  • Clean and simple export for deeper analysis. Dharma lets you create .csv and .xlsx files with already-cleaned data for use in Excel, Stata, SPSS, SAS, or R.

Security and storage you’ll never have to think about.

  • Security standards among the highest in the industry. Our servers are HIPAA-compliant and meet most major US and EU data security standards.
  • Unlimited server storage that needs no setup. Store trillions of lines of data if you need to. 

Dharma makes your job easier, no matter who you are or what you do.

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